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A mom of strength... The Nicole Davis Story

By pinkcarpetawards · June 16, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

In mid 2008 preschool teacher, Nicole Davis, not only married the love of her life but also was overjoyed to find out that she would soon give birth to the couples first child. With a beautiful growing family and a career she loved, Nicole was living the life of her dreams.

Nicole’s life appeared to be perfect until January of 2009, when her life took a toll for the worst. Although she was assured that the lumps she detected in her breast several months earlier was on no concern, at the young age of 25, six month pregnant Nicole Davis was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of breast cancer. In that moment as she pleaded with her doctors to wait until after giving birth to start treatment, Nicole knew that life as she knew it would forever be changed. There she was handed one of life’s most difficult and horrifying hands that no mother wants to face, breast cancer and pregnancy.

Left with no other option, Nicole agreed to start chemotherapy while in third trimester of her pregnancy. And with the loving support of her husband, Tyler, Nicole Davis bravely began her fight with breast cancer. In April 2009, Nicole brought a healthy baby girl into the world, named Abigail. Although the successful birth of baby Abby came as a great relief, for Nicole the long road to survival had just begun.

Her fight for survival is more than just the fight to survive breast cancer, but it’s the fight for family survival. The Davis family has had to adjust both to cancer treatment and caring for a newborn, as well as the continual financial battle of medical bills, diapers, formula, clothing, basic living needs and care essentials.

Even through all of the stress and strain of breast cancer, Nicole continues to remain positive about her fight for survival. Her hope is that story will be of some encouragement and inspiration to others. Nicole Davis currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Tyler, and two-month-old, Abigail. She continues to receive chemotherapy treatment. While baby Abby is healthy the long-term effects of chemotherapy are still unknown.

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